2021 Ride of Silence

Mark your calendar for May 19, 2021 at 7pm.

This worldwide event honors and remembers those cyclists hit, injured and killed on the roadways. A somber event, participants ride at a slow pace, heads down, and in silence. We will have police escorts, and, much like a funeral procession, vehicles are expected to pull over in honor while the procession passes.

In the 2 years that Bike Baby has been open, we've had 2 cyclists hit on Wilson Rd. One killed, and the other was hospitalized, and suffers ongoing medical problems.

This ride is to help spread awareness to everyone to SHARE THE ROAD. Believe me when I tell you, cyclists do NOT want to get hit, we want to SHARE THE ROAD.

Helmets are required and ALL are welcome to participate. While no RSVP is required, we appreciate you signing up at Bike Baby so we have a head count. This free event involves a little pomp and circumstance prior to the roll-out at 7:00 pm, so please arrive at Bike Baby no later than 6:30 pm so we can be on time. We should complete the ride within an hour.

As always, Bike Baby serves the community, and we're always available for you. Feel free to call with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you for the Ride of Silence.

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