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We made it to 2020! and BOY is it going fast already!

This year promises to get Bike Baby INTO the community, starting with the MLK Parade on Saturday. We placed a couple of bikes around downtown, that were free to the finders, with the simple caviat to photo and post to Facebook. Getting Newberry Outside, Two Wheels At A Time! It worked, with two new owners of bikes! We will continue this program throughout the year.

Our Saturday morning group rides have increased, and offer those out of shape the opportunity to get up and ride with NO pressure. A funfunfun way to get outside, meet new people AND explore Newberry! Riders from 6 to 80 join us for a fun half hour ride. No bike? We'll LOAN you one!

Group Ride Road Trips took us to Swamp Rabbit in Greenville, 17-25 miles of designated hike-bike trail. Gives me a vision for Newberry.. even our 8 year old rider made it with NO problem! We will start exploring other trails as well, such as Lynch's Woods and the Palmetto Trail.

The Newberry County Sheriff's Office gave a safety class. We participated in Open Streets, attempted (fail) to participate in the Harper Street Parade, and even Oktoberfest, an opportunity for young and old to try out unusual bikes, including, but not limited to electrics, elliptical and recumbents. We've learned to ride in the heat, the cold and even the rain and wind.

We've met and befriended pro riders, Kristin Keim, Nathan Hunter, Matt Bregenzer and Kimberly Poole, and other shops, Outspokin', ColaTown Collective, organizations such as SORBA and Palmetto Trail, and collaborated with other organizations in Columbia (please forgive if I've left anyone out).

Ideally, I see Newberry as bike-friendly, and my goal is to help you get up and ride. It's an easy Dr. Feelgood. Our goal is to remove the intimidation many have about riding a bike, or even visiting a bike shop!

December cleaned out my inventory, and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off to restock new and used. Seems like as soon as they hit the floor, they sell!

So come see me! I'm an honest business person, and will ensure your visit is welcoming, friendly and a feelgood experience. That's my promise to you!

Happy Trails, just GET UP AND RIDE

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