Believing In What I Sell

I sell items that I have personally used, and prefer. I have carefully selected items I offer, and because I would use them myself, is proof-positive that they are good and worthy of my customers. When I find an item not so good, I get rid of it, and don't repurchase. I'm also an honest store owner. I will tell you good and bad about an item, so that you can make an informed decision about a purchase. To be anything other than honest has the potential to damage my business, and I'm looking forward to ongoing and continued relationships with all my customers. For example:

Ancheer electric bike: I LOVELOVELOVE this thing!!!! I can only hope I get to own one, one day. It has so many perks! 21 gears, pedal assist or full throttle (low, med & hi), and will go 18 mph for 3 hours! Comes with disc brakes, front suspension and a headlamp and horn! Great, dependable ride.

Hyper step-through electric bike: I love this one, too, but for different reasons. It is pedal assist only, but the magic happens by simply keeping the pedals moving, not necessarily at your speed pace. It also has a walking mode, so it will walk along with you. It's a city bike with road tires , fenders and a rear rack for your panniers and a VERY comfortable seat!

Bell side view mirror: By far the best mirror I've used. I'm a mirror advocate because you should ALWAYS know what's going on behind you. I keep an eye on traffic. It's kept me from getting hit more than once. This particular mirror has a 4" wide fully-adjustable mirror for a better view. It also attaches to your handlebar grip with Velcro, so it's easy-on, easy-off and your can switch from one bike to another easily and quickly.

Padded bike shorts: Do enough 5+ mile rides and you will soon become an advocate too! They do just what they say, pad your bum. Once you start using them, you will feel naked without them. And along with padded shorts goes A&D ointment for chafing.

Fingerless gloves: Not wanting a bunch of gear to remember every ride, initially I didn't use gloves. Heck, a helmet and padded shorts was enough, wasn't it? No, it wasn't, and I learned this only after riding for several hours, in the heat, and my hands were sweating so profusely I couldn't change gears or brake. THAT'S a problem!!!! I have two pair now, summer and winter.

Loud, crazy socks: So...while I believe that matching socks is over-rated, sorting them in pairs is not. And I buy the loudest, wildest, craziest socks I can find. The more neon the better. And more often than not, people comment on my socks. The point? VISIBILITY

So these are just a few things. I carry a lot of things in my shop, and those things are tried and true with a person who cares about her customers. And I'm ALWAYS here to answer your questions and make recommendations. Happy Trails, just get up and ride!!!!!

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