Bike Baby is Retiring!

As the seasons change, and the leaves fall, and the air cools, the bike lady is also changing, and finally retiring! What does this mean for you?

While there won't be a storefront after December 31, we will still be organizing group rides, and getting involved with charity rides and local government to help make Newberry a safer place for you to ride. We will still be here for you for information, and referrals for purchasing or service.

Through December 31, EVERYTHING in the store will be UP TO 50% off! Winner winner chicken dinner! NOW is the time to make those Christmas purchases!

Please don't hesitate to call or come in and take advantage of this great opportunity. I wouldn't hesitate, though, because when they're gone, they're GONE!

It's been my great pleasure to serve you and this wonderful community I now call home. I see the changes in my mantra "getting Newberry outside, two wheels at a time" and "get up and ride" as our bike community and cycles on the roadways is increasing! The mayor rides, council persons ride, heck... I even started commuting ten miles each way on an ebike! So, no, you can't get rid of me that easily, I'm only a phone call away, and you'll see me regularly as I continue to schedule group rides and do more visiting and shopping. Again, thank you for helping Bike Baby help you, now get up, have some classic outdoor fun and enjoy the ride!

Happy Trails!

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