COVID-19: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We are amidst a pandemic. We are altering our lives in a drastic way, but some, not so much. My mantra during this time has been 'don't give it, don't get it" which meant closing my doors temporarily...wearing a mask EVERY time I went out, which wasn't often. I went to the grocery twice.

When I encountered others not practicing safety, it made me quarantine even more, and made me NOT want to go out even more.

But guess what? EVERYONE wanted a bike, or service, or gear! I was picking up and delivering. If anything, my business increased, and the governor stated bike shops are essential businesses, so I reopened, with more hours, and now have THREE group rides a week! I practice safety, limiting the number of customers in at a time, wearing a mask, spraying/wiping after visits. Our group rides are spread out or staggered so we're not breathing each other's breath.

The downside? My manufacturers are not building and are not shipping. Also, they've increased all their prices, which forces me to increase mine...IF and WHEN I can get anything! I've sold nearly everything in my shop, and desperate to restock. Buying used bikes as often as possible, and going through each one to make sure it's a viable ride. I understand all the retailers are out of bikes as well, so I am not alone.

But there IS light at the end of the tunnel, and this has been a MAJOR learning curve for all! My year anniversary soiree was canceled, but we will have this party when I believe it's safe.

In the meantime? Continue to practice safety, distance yourself, sanitize, and...


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