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Did I Fail?

It is July. In June, I committed to riding 10 miles a day for 30 days, in honor of my sister-in-law, Shannon Easley Girard, who is battling the horrific glioblastoma brain cancer. I fell short....I fell WAY short, but I fit in a ride whenever and where ever I could, trying to make time between two businesses, and two acres. I thought "no sweat, 5 miles in the morning, and 5 miles in the evening". What I didn't realize was 5 miles on a bicycle, a heavy, off-road one, was a daunting task. I was so embarrassed by my failures that I didn't post my progress, which resulted in only one donation of about $36. I also didn't even get 100 miles under my belt.

Did I fail? I don't think so. This was a lesson learned. I learned I need a lighter bike, and perhaps start riding the 9.2 miles to work. On cooler days... on a lighter bike...that, I think, is possible. I had the intention of accomplishing this goal, and learned my expectations may have been greater than what I could actually do.

As I tell everyone I meet here at Bike Baby, don't set your goals too high, start slow and work your way into your comfort level. I'm comfortable on most bikes (although I admittedly yearn for an electric as a personal bike), but I must learn to practice what I preach!

So, going forward, I will do just that, and be a leader for others also wanting to start slow and work their way into their comfort level. is to Shannon, who is currently having positive results from a blind study. I will continue to donate my time, energy and rides to you, and to the research to stop cancer of all forms, after all, this is NOT about me, it's about YOU!!!!!

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