Electric Bikes: Living the ELifE

Brandon and I have been riding our e-bikes to and from the shop for about two months now, and we wanted to share some important information with you, and WHY you should convert to the ElifE!

I live 9.2 miles from Bike Baby. Depending on the level I set the ebike on, it takes only 20-34 minutes to get there. I can pedal as much or as little as I like. That is what determines how long your battery lasts. Brandon, who lives closer, is recharging around every 2-3 days, I'm charging every other day. The endorphins actually set the tone for your day. Every day that I ride, I feel happy, refreshed and energized. I can't WAIT to get up and ride! The days I have to drive the Jeep, I feel hurried. Not so on the ebike, but.... There's a trade-off. I seldom go to the gas station (yay!). I'm more relaxed and happier. I can actually smell what folks are cooking! I watch the crops grow. I see things I miss when I'm doing 50+ mph, I can speak and wave at folks on their porches or in their yards. I've ridden in several rainstorms, and the only "bad" thing was pouring water out of my shoes, it was SO refreshing! Drivers are becoming more aware of cyclists, which is also a great thing! The best thing is....I can do ANYTHING I need to do in town! I can shop, run errands, go see people, go to recycling, the list is never-ending. I added a handlebar basket AND a trailer to my bike, and carry Tiny with me along with anything else I need.

In sum, e-bikes are NOT cheating. They weigh a lot more than a standard bike, but YOU get to determine how much or little you pedal. There are days I forget to charge, and believe me when I tell you I'm toting about 200+ lbs 9.2 miles home on human power!

Come test drive one! It'll only cost you the smile I already KNOW will be on your face!


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