Fall Is Here

We had a wonderful summer, didn't we? Saturday morning group rides continue for anyone from 8 to 80, any experience level. The Thursday evening rides are running out of light fast, so I have stocked reflective safety vests and front and rear lights.

Open Streets proved very successful, putting the bicycling mindset in Newberry's community. We've seen a LOT more bikes out on the street, and I continue to encourage folks to ride, even if just a block or two. I can help you get back up on a bike, by any means necessary.

Harper Street was even BETTER, albeit the debut of my yellow trike was a disaster (by the way, it is now totaled). Even more folks got up on bikes, and got their bikes cleaned up and running by Bike Baby.

And now comes Oktoberfest and all the magic it holds! Bike Baby will have items for sale on the sidewalk, and a few unusual bikes for test drives. Be sure to stop by our table!

This month we will have a light maintenance class to show you how to keep your bike running and serving you longer between major repairs.

Getting Newberry Outside, Two Wheels At A Time!

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