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Great Cycle Challenge!!!!

Most of you already know I have been riding in this challenge for 4 years. As the years progressed, I've received more and more support, which is so greatly appreciated!

Again, I've committed to raising $500, and riding 200 miles. Last year, I increased both, as I exceeded each. I'm nearly already at the halfway point on the miles because I'm riding 20-30 miles a DAY. A DAY. Why? Imagine going to the doctor for your routine checkup and hearing "you have cancer, Stage 4, get your affairs in order". Or imagine taking your 6 month old to the doctor and being told "your baby has an incurable type of cancer". I. Can't. Even. Imagine....

I lost my sister a few years ago to an incurable type of breast cancer. In only 8 months of grueling, painful, INEFFECTIVE treatment, and tens of THOUSANDS of dollars in bills left to her children, she was gone. Told from diagnosis "get your affairs in order". Currently, my sister-in-law is in the fight of her life due to Glioblastoma. She was given a VERY grim outcome, but 4 years later is still giving it her all to fight this thing. But what I don't understand is CHILD CANCER. I don't understand it at all. How can such young, innocent lives contract such a hateful disease and suffer????

So, this is why I ride. I ride in as many charity rides that I can during the year, but Great Cycle Challenge (Children's Cancer Research Fund) is the most meaningful to me because they do what they say, and say what they do. This organization is world-wide, and we can connect with other riders all over the world in our rides, not just the US. They support St Jude's and other child cancer centers and hospitals all over the world.

So I hope you'll consider supporting me in 2022, as I pedal for the kids! No donation is too small or too big, it's ALL appreciated!

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