Great Cycle Challenge (GCC)

I'm learning about my own inadequacies and challenges, which are NOTHING compared to the cancer challenge. I signed up to ride 10 miles a day for a total of 300 miles in support of my sister-in-law, Shannon Easley Girard, who is battling glioblastoma.

Sadly, I haven't even come close to my goal, but the GOOD NEWS is that her recent treatments have shrunk the tumor tremendously and there is GREAT HOPE!!!!

I would offer excuses of why I haven't met my goals, but they are only that, EXCUSES. When I made a commitment, I was SERIOUS, and the personal disappointment in myself should only be a reminder that I need to accept I am human, and keep it moving!

Don't be afraid to make goals for yourself, and accept it if you fall short. After all, none of us made a goal to fight the cancer battle, it is a fight we may be given, which we have to accept and keep it moving.

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