Group Rides...They ARE For Everyone!

While listening to our riders, we've learned that everyone has different levels of experience, and different levels of concern when riding. Some prefer road riding, some prefer off road riding. Some ride faster or slower than others.

In that light, we often give you choices to ride in beginner (or slower) rides, intermediate rides, and advanced rides for the faster, more experienced riders.

Beginner: Learn road etiquette, how to maximize your bike, how to get the best ride, how to get the best exercise from your bike, how to maintain your bike, even how to change gears and other tips and ideas to make you a better rider.

Intermediate: No longer a beginner, but not ready for that fast-paced, longer ride? Graduate to an in-between ride to build up to a longer, faster ride.

Advanced: For the well-experienced rider who wishes to push the envelope a little, going faster and longer with like-minded riders.

All riders in all groups will encourage you, and help you to attain the goals you've set for yourself without any pressure. You'll make new friends, and find new routes, with the safety of a group.

Some of our rides involve a dinner meet! We ride a little while, then ride to a local restaurant. Our road trips are further out, and usually involve a paved, non-motorized trail, bike/hike friendly and ready for the entire family.

So like us on Facebook, and keep in the know about everything happening at Bike Baby! Getting Newberry Outside, Two Wheels at a Time.

Enjoy the ride, and don't hesitate to call with ANY questions!

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