How Riding Has Affected My Life

I've been riding as LONG as I can remember. I always got the hand-me-downs from my siblings. I especially remember the burgundy German fat tire bike with the straight handlebar I loved. Then, I was lucky enough to inherit a larger cruiser with rear racks and I rode to school every day. The first new bike I got was a yellow, high handlebar, banana seat bike, and I was the happiest girl in the world. In high school, I bought a used drop handle10 speed, with the levers on the frame, I was REALLY riding then! In Atlanta, when my kids were born in the 80s, they had bikes, I had a Schwinn Suburban, but the tires didn't like road debris. We racked and rode everywhere! Fast forward to late 90s early 2000, I bought a Mongoose Sahara mountain bike. I love that I can ride the trails or on the road with the same pleasure....but my FAV ride? Rain-riding in the woods....and my Mongoose? She's none the worse for the wear! When my last hike in the woods resulted in me limping back to my car about 5 miles, I got BACK up on the Mongoose and realized riding is my future. So fast forward to Newberry via Columbia. Riding the Greenway wasn't enough, the Riverwalk, not enough so I move to Newberry....miles of smiles everywhere!!!! And with the nearest bike shop 50 miles in any direction? BIKE BABY WAS BORN!!!!! My goal is to get Newberry outside, two wheels at a time. Won't you join me?

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