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Hipster bicycles that won’t break the bank

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

You've ALWAYS wanted to ride, but don't know what to get. Locally, Wal-Mart has a limited inventory, and remember, the minimum wage employees are the ones building them out of the box.

Here at Bike Baby, we have new, used AND electric bikes!

Test drives are encouraged, so be sure to stop by when you have time to do just that!

Our inventory changes rapidly, so visit our page frequently, and like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on everything we have.

You should be able to start riding at $50, and up, depending on your riding wants and needs. We have some used bikes starting at $50, and it's a good way to start riding again, almost like getting your first "beater" car.

Personally, I ride a 30+ year old Mongoose, my tried and true, we have been through so much together! I also confiscated an older Raleigh from my son that I ride as an alternate. Both are hybrids with multi-use tires and suspension.

But you simply have GOT to try the electrics! They will give you a new outlook on biking altogether!

So, when you stop by, keep in mind I have limited retail space, so tell me exactly what you seek, and your budget, and we'll get you what you want.

Looking forward to helping you find your next Baby!

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