New Hours for Fall & Winter!

Covid hasn't slowed us down, thank goodness for you! It has made getting bikes and parts very difficult, however, and the price gouging to bike shops abounds, sad to say.

In an effort to provide better hours for you, effective October 13, 2020, our NEW shop hours will be Tuesday through Friday 10am to 4pm, and Saturdays remain 10am to 6pm.

Our weekday group rides have moved up to 5:30pm so we have more light, and Saturdays remain at 9am, come ride with us, and enhance your riding ability! We only go as fast as our slowest rider, so there is NO pressure, we want the ride to be enjoyable for you! Note: we are now requiring helmets, and ask that you read and sign a waiver. Please be sure to come 10-15 early so we can roll out on time.

November 9-22 is Newberry's Holiday Open House which involves specials and discounts!

So get up and ride, and let Bike Baby help get you outside, two wheels at a time!

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