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Preparing for Christmas

This has been a busy month for us! Between getting bikes ready to ride, and building bikes for the Christmas tree, it has been non-stop. But I'm certainly not complaining! I'm a busy person who loves being busy, so bring it! The most frustrating part is not receiving what I order, or delayed shipping, missing parts on new bikes. Sometimes I have to keep ordering because I'm sent the wrong item, but again, I'm diligent, so I keep at it until I accomplish the goal!

I'm in business for YOU! If I can't please you, I fail, and failing is not an option. I'm happy to report that I have made a LOT of people happy this season, including myself, because I get such joy out of seeing others happy!

And the Saturday morning rides continue!!!! This makes me VERY happy, because my mantra is "Getting Newberry Outside, Two Wheels at a Time!" We went from lone rides of 1/2 a mile, to 6.4 miles and 13 riders! All experience levels (no person left behind) and any age (6 to 80). Those rides feel SO good because it's pleasurable, gets your heart rate up and brings people together....goal, goal GOAL!!!

I'm hoping I have helped you achieve your goals for your Holiday. For me, Christmas is a solemn time for reflection, the meaning of Christmas, of Kwanzaa, of Hanukkah or whatever it is you believe in, and I trust that Bike Baby has had a miniscule part of helping you during this season!

Happy Holidays!

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