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Preparing for the 1 year anniversay soiree

I can't believe I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary of Bike Baby...we have come SO FAR!!!

I thought I knew a little, just a little, about bikes, just enough to keep my own in good running shape, and a year later, I would consider myself darn near a bike mechanic!!! Currently, I'm learning about bottom brackets, but have taught myself derailleur systems, cables, brake systems, cables, it's ALL fun stuff!

We had Open Streets, and I had the opportunity to get everyone's bikes in running order for that event. Then there was the Harper Street Parade, and we had the major fail of the debut of the Bike Baby Trike, which was subsequently totalled.

Folks got to test drive the electrics, and then the bikes started selling, so quickly I was unable to build them fast enough to keep up with demand (which is where I'm at now). There has been a steady incline in interest, which tells me I did the right thing.

The holiday season proved okay too, and December was my best month. It just keeps getting better. I thought winter would be slow, but not so!

And our group rides? The best! Everyone from 6 to 81 years old and everything in between. Thursdays through the time change at 7:00 pm were great after-work rides, and Saturdays always prove full of fun, enjoyment and entertainment. Looking forward to the evening rides again as the days lengthen. We've even had road trips, and now planning more to different areas! Our 8 year old rode 17 miles on one!

So the word is out, Bike Baby is here to stay! And to serve you and your Baby!

Mark your calendar: April 3 and 4. My anniversary celebration! Food, fun, test drives, raffles and giveaways! Stop by and see what all the hype is about: GETTING NEWBERRY OUTSIDE, TWO WHEELS AT A TIME!

UPDATE: With the onset of the Corona Virus, and the panic it's caused, we are playing it one day at a time. Schools have closed and many have self-quarantined. We plan to continue as planned unless and until we are advised to do otherwise.

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