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See Ya, Bike Baby!

Goodbye would only be appropriate if we were dropping everything and going out of sight for good. Bike Baby helped to create a lifestyle here in Newberry, and we're NOT finished. Closing the storefront allows us to focus on the more important things, such as helping everyone #GetUpandRide and having #ClassicOutdoorFun. Now we can organize more rides, help get that City trail built, raise money for good causes, and be a better assistant to help folks ride.

You can still purchase bikes, or buy them online and have them shipped to me for assembly, just not on Main St. Our phone number, email and Facebook page will remain the same. You can stay updated about riding opportunities on the FB page. We will be performing some service by appointment only. The idea was to retire from the busyness of a bike shop without completely throwing in the towel.

We are ever thankful for the love and support Newberry gave us these past years. We can only hope we gave back the love and support to help you enjoy the ride, and that you learned just how much fun it is getting up and riding. We hope part of what you learned was that while Wal-Mart or the other Big Box stores can sell you a less expensive bike, they cannot provide any service, and don't give you the customer service experience we provided here. Best case scenario is you get a full refund, then you're right back where you were...BIKELESS!

We have also managed to marry the bike shop concept with other fellow shops all over the state...we are NOT in competition, we are a brotherhood of wheel lovers who collaborate to help others #GetUpandRide. I strongly recommend the following bike shops (in no particular order):

  1. Colatown Bike Collective in Columbia (Scott Nuelken)

  2. Lucky Bike in Greenville (Kip Smith)

  3. Village Wrench in Greenville

  4. Outspokin' in Columbia and Irmo (Brian Curran)

  5. Cycle Center in Columbia

These are dependable, reliable shops who also LOVE what they do, and have been collaborative with Bike Baby. Good folks!!!

So, it is not "the end", but a new focus. Yes, you can still contact us the same, email and FB page, also through our website.

Again, we are SO grateful for the love and support we've received, and looking forward to what's down the road!

Happiest of trails to you all!

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