Spring Is Here!

After a very cold winter, we are finally emerging from under the cold, and starting to see blooms, sun, warmth and more folks on bikes!

And with Daylight Savings Time here, Bike Baby has resumed group rides to THREE DAYS A WEEK, so your riding opportunities have just expanded! Now, you can ride Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30, and Saturday at 9:00 am.

Helmets are required, and we ask that you arrive a few minutes early so that we can roll out on time. We go where ever the group likes, and only as fast as our slowest rider, so if you haven't ridden in awhile, come join us and get that feel-good feeling that cycling, meeting new friends and touring Newberry offers! You will learn how to ride better, and even learn things about your bike, and cycling, that you didn't know before!

The health benefits are immeasurable! Your endorphins will run, setting the tone for the rest of your day. You will exercise muscles you haven't used in awhile, and be very happy about it! Cycling is a non-impact sport that gives you a most excellent workout. And it doesn't have to be a workout, my rides are pleasurable because I'm not pushing, but I find the further I go, the farther I WANT to go! You WILL lose weight and tone up.

In our two years, Bike Baby has been joined by a 6 year old and an 82 year old, and everyone in between. EVERYONE is encouraged and welcomed! Our Saturday morning rides last 30-45 minutes, but if you tire easily, you are not required to continue, and one of us will ride back with you to make sure you get back safely. The rides are NOT a race, and we don't care what kind of bike you have, ALL are welcome! In fact, depending on our inventory, we may be able to loan you a bike for the group ride.

So come join us...learn what riding is all about, and learn to LOVE the outdoors, and enjoy a non-impact exercise, you WON'T be sorry you did!

Happy Trails, see you soon!

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