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Stepping Up My Game

Bike Baby is committed to the community, and its well-being.

That being said, we are monitoring statistics about this terrible thing called Covid-19. Here in Newberry, we are currently at 24.7% positive, which amounts to 1 in 4 having Covid!!! That's A LOT!

I have been diligent with spraying, wiping down, requiring masks, yet still, some come into the store without one. Over the holidays, I let down my guard and visited family. Others were there as well. Because I'm so precautionary, I returned to Newberry, began a regimen of medications and spraying and wiping down my house, and practicing distancing with my son. Then I stepped up my game at the shop, which has a greater potential of exposure. I will test AGAIN tomorrow at 10am to make sure I am safe, and keeping others safe.

Going forward, service drop offs and pick ups will have to be scheduled. Please do this by calling us at 803-271-5951. We will explain the new procedure, which involves leaving your bike at the door, or me leaving your bike at the door for pick-up. We had a trial run today, and it worked perfectly.

ANYONE entering the store for retail purchases MUST mask, and have both nose AND mouth completely covered. I know this is a challenge for some, as I myself can't breath, but I've learned to adapt. After all, my goal is not just to stay safe myself, but to keep OTHERS safe as well. Only one person (and anyone with them) may enter at a time, and social distancing of 6 feet will be utilized and expected.

We also have multiple ways to pay, eliminating contact for everything other than cash payments.

So I want to keep servicing your bikes, my customers and my community, but I simply MUST keep EVERYONE safe! I must practice due diligence.

Don't hesitate to call with ANY questions about new safety protocols, after all, what kind of example would I be if I didn't try to keep YOU safe as well? #DontGiveItDontGetIt

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